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Cooperation with us...

If flowers are your passion and giving to them the other is your way of life is the right place. Very happy to start cooperation with all for whom floristry is more than a hobby.

We invite wholesalers, florists, floral and decorating workshops, Undertakers and all who are associated with flowers his professional future.

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You need to start shopping in the warehouse? Answer below!

Step 1: Registered economic activity
To begin working with our warehouse you need to have a registered business. According to the observance of the principles STOP decorative insert does not sell goods to people who do not have a registered business activity.
Step 2: Activity in the florist industry (for department live flowers)
It is very important that the activities specified in the entry in the register was associated with the industry floristic. Therefore, carefully look at this position in the entry to select it as the main activity.
Step 3: Bring together the entry into the business register
Bring with entry into the business register and report immediately at the entrance. After a while, the person who handles the money will allow the main entrance to the premises and you can start shopping.
Step 4: Select the range and finalize purchases at the checkout
Within the warehouse you can easily take advantage of specialized trucks. After selecting the product enough that you come to the cashier to settle.